Our Mission
S2 Design and Planningは、環境や地域の潜在特性を活かし、持続的に事業を支える基盤となりうる「空間創造」をご提案します。
S2 Design and Planning produces the projects environment by extracting the potential resources from the region and its environment, which leads a solid foundation ofcontiunous business.
環境や地域を事業の基盤をなす潜在資源と捉え、 有効に活用することによって事業の成功を導きます。
We believe the effective utilization of environment and local region are potential resources that lead to a successful business.

事業の成功を、環境や地域に還元することによって、 事業基盤をより強化し、堅固な事業体制を築きます。
By accumulating the sucess of the project to the region and its environment, the business foundation becomes more solidified.

The sustainability of the project is promoted by maintaining a healthy relationship between the environment and the surrounding local area.